On-site or Web-based Time Clocks Where Employees can log in

Turn Any Device Into A Timeclock

Allow your employees to clock in from any computer or mobile device with our online time clock functionality. Ensure hours are reported accurately and give managers the ability to approve or modify them with the same easy to use online feature.

Business Budgeting

View how much your current schedule will cost you in employee wages and modify it to meet your budget before approving it. Additionally, view payroll for previous weeks to see what you have spent or what you currently owe.

On-The-Go Time Clocks

Because Index Time Clock has a web based time clock, employees can clock in from anywhere with their mobile devices. Field workers can instantly report their time and managers can ensure accuracy by viewing and adjusting who should be clocked in and who shouldn’t be.

Enabling Your Employees

The Employee Self-Service feature in Timeclock allows employees to manage their own schedule by being able to view it on the go, as well as submit for shift swaps or request time off. Eliminating the need to contact a manager not only empowers your employees but keeps unnecessary interruptions from your managers daily routine.

Time Clock Software Features You Need to Manage Your Employees


Manage Your Timeclock

View who’s currently working anywhere and at any time to ensure time clock accuracy.

Labor Costs

Make sure you’re not overstepping your budget by viewing daily, weekly, or monthly employee labor wages and adjusting schedules accordingly.

Use Your Own Equipment

No expensive equipment is necessary to get started with Index Time Clock. Use business or personal devices to accomplish regular time clock tasks.

Perfect Payroll

Easily use employee time clock information to generate payroll reports and see where you stand on current, previous and upcoming pay periods.

Practice Punctuality

Use our attendance trackers to check and keep track of employee absences and tardiness.


Reach your full potential and know that support is just an email or phone call away with the help of our Customer Success Coaches.

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