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Streamline Your Workforce Management with our Time and Attendance Software

We understand the need for efficient attendance management

Use one main calendar to view and control all scheduling and employee conflicts. Our advanced tracking system puts all your scheduling info into one location so you can plan easily and effectively.

Absence attendance tracking

Dashboard View

Within the software is a notification center called ‘Dashboard’. From here you can manage employee time and attendance, timesheets and time-off requests as they are submitted. Quick links can also be customized in our Dashboard for frequently used tools including adding employees or adding calendar events.

Employee Self-Service

Optimize the convenience and efficiency of scheduling with online and mobile integration. Without employee time tracking software, employees can request time off and send their timesheets to supervisors and managers who can then review, edit, and approve, all from their own device.

Manage Time-off Requests

Never be short-staffed again. By placing both time-off requests and existing employee conflicts in one easy to view layout. You can ensure you have enough available employees to approve new requests.

Customizable Paid Time-Off Plans

Integrate your company’s policies and procedures by allotting time accruals, rollovers and more. Once the parameters are set Index Time Clock will automatically update the employee plans, so you don’t have to.

Detailed Employee Recordkeeping

Create employee profiles that include personal information, benefits, schedules and permissions. Easily add multiple employees to your system, or make new employee profiles one at a time.

Avoid Payroll errors, Scheduling issues, and absences that can limit productivity

Not Your Average Calendar

In addition to regular scheduling, keep track of everything from absence policies to important dates and events like employee birthdays or evaluations.

Employee Self-Service

Allow employees to use their mobile devices for everything from schedule viewing and management to requesting time off or shift swaps.



Have peace of mind knowing Index Time Clock encrypts your information with SSL and safely stores it to avoid loss or hacking.

Run Reports

Find out where employees stand with absences, review payroll reports and much more. Reports are easily generated and make it easier for you to recognize and manage company issues.


Be Prepared

Easily manage employee vacations or conflicts and be assured that you will have sufficient staff before approving requests.


Reach your full potential and know that support is just an email or phone call away with the help of our Customer Success Coaches.

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