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In endeavors to best understand our operations, please use this Terms of Use page as a resource for information like billing, contacting us and more.

By viewing our website in combination with or independently using Index Time Clock’s products, you agree fully to our terms of use.


Index Time Clock offers multiple service plans. Details for each plan are located on their corresponding product page. We reserve our right to alter, modify, amend, or terminate our available plans of membership at any time.

Our services are typically available and operational to our customers 24/7.Index Time Clock reserves right to perform maintenance which may affect normal availability when it is determined necessary for technical, security or possible operational purposes.


When you subscribe to a paid membership, you are giving Index Time Clock authorization to automatically charge you applicable membership fees in correspondence to the membership type chosen in the initial purchase process. Membership fee can be subjected to change upon notice. Payment will be tendered to your provided payment method beginning on the date of initial purchase and thereon for each date of renewal until notice of cancellation of membership has been provided. In an event that your scheduled payment falls on a date does that not fall in a particular month, you will be billed on the last day of that month. For example, if your initial purchase was made on the 31st of any month, you would be billed on the 30th of any month with only 30 days or the 28th of February, as that would be the final day of the month. You also acknowledge/agree that billing price may change depending on each month for differing reasons including promotional pricing or increased membership fees and you also authorize the charge and or debit to be made to the provided method of payment for such various amounts.

Payment is non-refundable and is not prorated for any periods only partially used.

Notice of increased membership fees will be emailed and posted to our website to ensure sufficient notice is given.

If you would like to change your method of payment at any time, you may update it online on your account page or call 617-861-6414


The owner of the account has exclusive control of changes made to the account which will be secured by the password created by the account owner.

We are not to be held responsible for any loss or distorted information contained or produced through Index Time Clock services.

The account owner shall be held responsible for uses deemed unauthorized of Index Time Clock services.


Upon notice, we maintain and reserve the right to terminate Index Time Clock services at any given time. Termination may occur following failure to comply with Index Time Clock terms of use.

You may also terminate your own account at any point simply by clicking “Cancel Account” which can be found on the Software Account Settings page.


You are not allowed to rename files of, translate, modify, decrypt, decompile, localize, disassemble, remove any proprietary notices from, engineer in reverse, derive source code from, or create direct or derivative works that resembles or based on Index Time Clock services.


Our services are considered “as is” and Index Time Clock does not warrant its performance. Clients assume responsibility for purchasing our product and receiving desired results from it. We make no warranty that our program will be free of errors and viruses. There are no conditions, warranties, representations, or terms, especially when they are expressed or implied. This includes by any applicable common law, statute, custom or otherwise, as well as matters which include without limitation non infringement of third party rights, integration, bankable, fitness, or satisfactory quality for any specific purposes.


You agree that your use of Index Time Clock services only in compliance with any and all applicable laws and guidelines of any authority of government having jurisdiction. This is in regards to use and in compliance with aspects of these Terms and Conditions. You will also redress, defend and consider Index Time Clock harmless from any claim, arbitration, lawsuit or cause of action as well as any incurred damages and monetary costs (which includes any attorney fees) incurred by Index Time Clock that relates to a breach of the preceding warranty and representation or this particular Agreement.


Under no particular circumstances, situation or no legal theory shall Index Time Clcok be held liable to you, another person or entity, for any sustained damages which includes, but not limited to, damages that created a loss of business revenue, business information, goodwill, company interruption, or other monetary loss whether they be through indirect, accidental, consequently, out of the ordinary, or exemplary damages that can arise out of use of or the inability to use the services, even under the circumstance Index Time Clock was notified of any potential for such damages.


This Agreement does not terminate and/or cancel and Index Time Clock shall not be considered liable for any incurred disruption or the inability to furnish services, software, or other items if caused by force majeure, war, act of God or Mother Nature, government declaration, cyber network attacks, or any other events outside the capacity and control of Index Time Clock.

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