How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Using Employee Scheduling Software?

How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Using Employee Scheduling Software?

Small businesses do what they can to cut costs, especially when they are just starting up. Grocery stores, boutiques, hair salons, and nail salons are good representatives of small businesses you can find in any community. If you are interested in starting up a business of your own, there are several things that you should learn about that will make your small business run smoothly. One being employee scheduling software.

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software can help save you time and money each month as a small business owner. The program allows you to manage each employee, the days they are on the schedule to work, and their pay per hour with just a simple click or two.

The software program offers a simple user interface to work with, and controls that make it easy to switch schedules between staff members, or add more work hours to an employee’s week. The color-coded dashboard allows you to publish plans, quickly check status reports, and allow your employees to self-manage their leave or unavailability which can take a heavy load off you or your human resources manager.

5 Exceptional Benefits to Using Employee Scheduling Software

The Program Can Help to Reduce Costs

Keeping up with payroll and time management for each of your employees can be a complex task. Instead of hiring additional human resources employees to handle your payroll, change schedules, or print out important scheduling documents, you may use employee scheduling software to do all that challenging work for you.

Many of these programs also allow the employees to take part in handling their schedules or overtime management by having access to the software themselves. Doing so can be useful if someone wants to take on more hours while another co-worker wishes to have time off.

Manage the Needs of Your Employees

Are your employees made up of full time and part time workers? Do you have an employee who needs additional time off throughout the month due to a health condition and doctor visits? You may have some employees that come in later after your business has opened because they must drop their kids off at school, while others show up before business hours to unlock the doors and have everything set up for the day. You can schedule for those workers to clock out early and the scheduler will make sure that everyone receives the right amount each payday.

Your employees have unique needs, and that means you must have a scheduling system that works along with them.

Forecast the Workload for Staff Members

Anytime that you must plan your work schedule during the holiday season, for example, it is important that you make sure you have enough employees on hand to keep the business running each day that you are open. Think about how the retail industry is during the busy holiday shopping season. Will you need to hire more employees during that time? Are there employees who are unable to work because they are visiting family members out of town? Having the ability to plan allows for those seasonal fluctuations that occur with every type of industry. It can also help minimize the unproductive workplace caused by over-scheduling too many employees to work the same shift so that you don’t have too many employees standing around with nothing to do.

Make Human Resources Simpler

Human Resources can be a challenging area to work in, regardless of the size of the business. The HR personnel usually handle the scheduling of staff members and take care of any conflicts that may occur in the workplace. While employee scheduling software may not be able to resolve conflicting issues between a worker and their supervisor, it can help to solve problems with scheduling. This can eliminate tedious tasks for yourself if you don’t have an HR person on staff. That means you will no longer have to deal with the ongoing task of weekly scheduling. With employee scheduling software, scheduling completes automatically, in just a matter of seconds.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

A small business owner has a bounty of tasks going on each day. They can use any help that they can get. Employee scheduling software can improve the productivity and efficiency of the workplace by reducing the time it takes to coordinate your worker’s schedules. For most industries, managers create schedule plans at least every two weeks to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is a major time investment for business managers. This software ensures that schedules are automated, and frees up workforce so that the manager can focus on other areas of their business.

How Managers and HR Personnel Benefit from Employee Scheduling Software

It can take as much as eight hours a week for business managers and HR personnel to create schedules for just one week. It may take even longer if shift patterns are complicated. When business managers have scheduling issues, it can affect their quality of work. This means that a substantial number of hours go by as the manager works on getting the kinks out of the weekly schedule. They may have everything planned up until the point where an employee has a family emergency, or a stomach virus breaks out at work, leaving several employees sick in the bed.

Employee Scheduling Software can help turn chaos at the workplace into a problem that is easy to resolve. This built-in scheduling software can easily find a replacement staff member to add to the schedule or change around hours so that everyone receives an equal amount of work.

If you are planning to use scheduling software of any other type of HR programs, be sure that the software has the functionality that you need since these useful programs can vary. You can obtain assistance from the software vendor and make sure that they understand why you need scheduling software so that they can suggest the right employee scheduling software for you.