No matter your perspective on AI, no one can deny its value to many aspects of the modern business world.

What is your opinion?

Perhaps you’re more apprehensive than optimistic about how Artificial Intelligence will change work environments? If that’s still you, you simply haven’t seen enough. The truth about this topic will make anyone excited.

Below we focused on only one aspect: AI automation features for talent acquisition. The workforce determines your productivity, so finding the right candidates is one of the most important aspects in a business. It’s also one of the most difficult tasks.

So, isn’t this the tool you’ve been hoping for all along? Let’s showcase the exciting time that AI will bring (some of them are already here).

How AI Streamlines Talent Acquisition

Let AI Do the Boring Work

First of all, you need to leave the tedious work to modern technology so you can focus on other important aspects. This is the best way to start integrating AI into your system and you’ll love the result.

AI can take over scheduling, sending standard emails and even handling onboarding so you have more time to do personal interviews. However, initial interviews or video calls can also be done by AI. The tech is smart enough to handle basic questionnaires and give you feedback to base your decisions on.

Vetting & Resume Screening Done Quickly

One of the most surprising things about AI is how personal this technology can become. You may view tech is clinical and unable to relate to humans. However, advanced AI can gauge a lot about your future employees that even you need more skills to do effectively:

  • AI can analyze resumes and online activities to gauge an applicant’s true interests. This will prove whether the available position will be suitable.
  • The tech can monitor someone’s language use to determine their capabilities. This is essential if you need native speakers for certain roles.
  • AI can deduct an individual’s emotional traits via something as simple as a neuroscience game.
  • A game can also be used to determine someone’s competency and cognitive capabilities such as planning, whether he or she can give continuous attention or if someone gets distracted easily.

This feedback can be used to find the most eligible recruit. Technology does this fast, some of the information can be gathered even before a first formal interview and you don’t have to spend hours going through resumes or test results anymore.

Apart from saving time, this will benefit you by strengthening your team in the ways you need most. In addition, when new talent is positioned in roles that suit them they’re happier and eventually more successful.

AI used in talent acquisition leads to benefits for all involved.

Play Fair—Get an Unbiased Opinion

One of the best features of this talent acquisition process is that you have one less problem—a major problem—to contend with: Prejudice.

This happens in many businesses and not always with bad intent. A human HR recruiter may subconsciously allow personal preferences to lead him or her during the screening process. When you incorporate technology, each vetting process is fair, unbiased and gives all applicants the same chance of landing an interview.

Let AI Predict Your Talent’s Future

Apart from streamlining the initial steps, you may want to include AI in your entire HR system such as investing in software like products found here

Imagine getting the perfect replacement for a valued employee who is being promoted. This would be someone with a similar background, experiences and work ethics. You don’t have to spend hours working through resumes—AI can analyze someone’s background, identify relevant features and then help you find similar candidates online or from submitted resumes.

Your AI structure can help position your employees and set them up for success.

Improve Your Job Ads

But how do you reach these impressive candidates? Once again AI can help: Become more effective by sharing the right ads and drawing the correct candidates. AI analyzes existing job ads, see which ones bring in the most applicants and use those ads’ characteristics to create better marketing material in future.

Get the Attention of the Talent You Really Want

If you’ve been involved in HR for a while you know the process is not only about vetting candidates but about them vetting you. AI can help you stand out from the crowd and snatch up the best candidates instead of them going to work for your competition:

  • Let AI design personalized messages to each candidate based on their interests so your communication makes an impact on them.
  • You won’t have the time to engage in a lot of communication with each impressive candidate, but you need to keep them interested. Let AI answer questions, send off information on a regular basis and impress them with superior communication skills.

Make them WANT to work for your company or client.

Are You Ready for This Yet?

If you’ve just read a list of features you weren’t aware of or haven’t thought of, your mind is probably spinning. It’s great to realize how your HR department can improve, but how do you make it happen?

The concept of AI can sound so abstract and surreal, some may fear the implementation process. We make it easy for you: Here are a few easy steps to get you started:

  • Upgrade the quality of your HR and candidate data. Once AI is implemented you’ll only get correct feedback if it’s working with the right information.
  • Consult with an IT expert on how AI will fit into your existing tech infrastructure.
  • Determine your goals, source the AI products and opt for training before it arrives, if necessary.
  • Clear the way for a positive reception by others in the company by assuring them AI won’t take employees’ jobs, but simply enhance outcomes.

Here’s the good news: Developers cater for today’s business leaders who don’t yet know the details of this tech. Many AI products and features are more user friendly than you expect so you can look forward to plug and play setups & quick installations.

This will be easier than you think. Now, welcome to the 21st century.

Jasika Adams is a writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of human resources, startups and business management. she is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, she loves to play with her kids and reading mystery books.