Best Time Clock Software 2018

Scheduling represents one of the biggest issues for big companies. With so many employees and tasks, it is oftentimes really difficult to coordinate things. Luckily, there are various time and attendance systems which can help you out with that.

In order to better manage employees and tasks in your company, we’ve created the ultimate list of time clock software. Check it out!

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If you choose to get Acculator, you’re getting your money’s worth. It is a live tracking system that is used for employee absence. Due to its live component, it is able to check employees in real-time and put all the information in its database. Needless to say, this provides the most accurate tracking possible and allows the management team to be aware of employees’ whereabouts at all times. They can receive a message regarding employees’ attendance at any time, by using phones, mobile devices, pagers, PCs etc. If needed, you can also get a report file via email or fax.

Attendance Enterprise

Companies that wish to get the most from their workers should definitely consider getting this tool. With it, you’re able to get data in real time. Attendance Enterprise is pretty easy to use although some may regard it as a rather robust tool. Due to its nature, you will get to receive a message at all times regarding employees’ attendance and absence, overtime as well as leave requests. But that is not all. The software also has a payroll feature. By using its journal, you can reduce costs, errors and time that otherwise occur when you manually enter data. The program gives you a lot of room to breathe and automatize processes within the company. With it, you can assign a paycheck to each employee according to his or her performance. Keep in mind: this time clock software has existed for 29 years and is regarded as one of the oldest in the industry!

Acro Time

Like most other time management platforms, Acro Time is easy to use. You basically don’t have to install anything; just access the website and you can perform everything from their interface. Employees have several different options for measuring time spent working: by using computers and badge terminals as well as by using biometric devices. This time clock software ensures that your operations are in compliance with any regulatory changes. In other words, you won’t have to bother yourself with minor things and can focus on your work. Furthermore, it gives you the option of doing payrolls thus eliminating any potential human errors. When it comes to payment, you have the option of paying as you go. Finally, you can also do HR management with this tool, do scheduling and perform marketplace solutions.


Ban-Koe has lots of different features you can use. This includes: visitor management, bade design, advanced scheduling, human resource management, time and attendance management, ACA and PBJ compliance, staff call, fire alarm systems, facility access control, mass notification, investigation management, video surveillance, intercom systems, rescue assistance, monitoring, and sync clocks. With all these options, it can easily become the only software you use for time management. In fact, experts regard it more as a workforce management platform than a simple time management platform. It unifies various systems in your office allowing you to control everything from one access point. And as previously mentioned, this will save you a lot of time and money as you won’t have to get numerous individual tools that will be able to perform all these separate functions.

Buddy Punch

No matter what kind of a company you’re running, big, medium or small, Buddy Punch can help you with time and attendance. As a web-based platform, employees will have to access the site and punch in when they’re present. It is great for mobile applications as you can log in from anywhere in the building. There are lots of nifty features that are used to confirm employees’ whereabouts. First and foremost, there is a webcam which takes a photo of an employee at a moment of login or logout. The tool has facial recognition that makes the whole process that much faster and trustworthy. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a GPS locator that will corroborate the current position of a person. Lastly, you can also use a feature that forces your team to use designated devices (based on IP address). There are also other features you can enjoy; check things such as punch rounding, calculating overtime and breaks, paid leaves etc. You will get regular notifications that will help you stay in the loop.

ClockIn Portal

Another cloud-based tool on our list, ClockIn Portal is recognized as a very easy and reliable attendance software. Like many other entries, this tool can be accessed from various devices. However, the interesting aspect of the platform is that the company provides free and unlimited support to all its users. You also have a free 30-day trial as well as an interactive demo that will allow you to check its features and functionality. ClockIn Portal allows you to quickly clock in and out, report mileage that you’ve travelled, track lunches as well as to create notes. But it also has a failsafe. If you’re suspicious of your employees, ClockIn Portal can also be set up so that your team has to clock in and out from predesignated spots (offices computers for example). This gives you more control over your workforce.


This tools gives you lots of options when it comes to clocking in. You can use a mobile app, web app, SMS, Apple Watch or iPad kiosk. Management can create new schedules at any time or edit old ones. After that, they can notify the team with a single click. There is also a newsfeed which can keep you connected to the whole staff. The greatest potential of software lies in its ability to account for all the tasks, customers, and total work hours that an employee has performed. As such, it helps you a lot in keeping your account records straight. Software’s face detection and geolocation are used to establish where a person is located and whether it’s really him. Main features include time and attendance, scheduling, tasking, collaboration, on-site time clock, auto-scheduling and performance management.

EPAY systems

There are so many things EPAY systems can help you with such as onboarding, benefits administration, performance management, payroll and tax, ACA, time and attendance, HR management, recruitment and applicant tracking. Basically, the software allows you to track employee’s progress from the first day to its retirement. It is especially great for freelancers, companies with numerous offices or decentralized staff. EPAY systems tool is great at stopping time theft and maximizing the efficiency of your time. Furthermore, by using its analytics, you are able to improve processes within a company. Employees can use various mobile devices, phones, and biometric devices to clock in and clock out. This gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to tracking methods. If your still not sold on the product, the company offers you a free demo.


Emplotime is a great solution for small companies that want to track employees’ attendance and performance. It is a very cost-efficient way of tracking the workforce. Even better, the company offers 30-day trial during which you can check all of its features and see if it’s the right thing for you. Whether you’re using a PC, a table or a mobile phone, you will be able to clock in. Whether you’re a public or personal employee, you will be able to use it from anywhere. The tool is very user-friendly allowing you to add employees as you go. You can track their status and total work hours at any time and you can also get reports in various formats such as Excel, Word, PDF. The main time clock software features include daily and weekly OT, ability to create notes, geolocation of employees, buddy punch lockout and many more. One of the more interesting features is the break deduction which allows managers to automatically deduct breaks after a certain number of work hours.

Easy Clocking

Easy Clocking tool works in 4 steps. First, it will collect data from employees. They can clock in by using fingerprints, PIN codes, smart cards or via mobile/PC time clocks. With all that security in place, the chance for identity theft or misuse is minimal. After that, all this data will be stored in a cloud in real-time. This means it can be used straight away. So, a manager can access it at any time, changing things on the go. This is very important as you can alter the schedule and reassign tasks losing less time than you would otherwise. Given that Easy Clocking can easily be integrated with other time clock software, you can export it to various HR and payroll tools. Similar to other time and attendance tools, you can easily manage vacations and sick leaves with Easy Clocking. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of this program is job costing. It allows flexible pay settings; in other words, you can assign pay rates according to project or employee.

Mitrefinch Inc.

Mitrfinch is geared towards larger companies. Its tool is ideal for organizations that have 100 or more employees and it focuses on areas such as manufacturing, wholesale, construction, transportation as well as government and community. The time clock software can be used on iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows operating system. You can use it on biometric, web-based and proximity terminals. With it, you can track attendance of employees, manage payrolls, and store and access HR records. Mitrefinch has a top-notch security system in place; you have to use biometric data which prevents misuse or unauthorized access. Users can choose between cloud-based and on-premise solution. You can also go for a hybrid version.


Nortek is cloud-based software that will help you manage schedule and tasks within the company. With it, you can have all the data in one place and access it from anywhere. Nortek allows you to automate all employee connected processes thus gaining time for things that are more important. Through its report and chart generation feature, you are able to gain valuable insights that will help you run a company efficiently. Nortek allows you to improve core HR, talent, recruiting process, payroll and benefits calculation. Employees and managers are able to access the system by using biometric data, cards, or online. However, one of the most important aspects of the tool is the fact you can reduce labour costs with it. Its real-time analytics can be integrated with most payroll providers which allows you to analyze the data much better.

On-Time Web

Do you want to simplify time and attendance within your company? Then, On-Time Web is the right product for you. This software gives numerous options to management. With it, you can track employees’ clock ins and outs, approve their leaves and timesheets, and it also makes budgeting way easier. The tool is web-based; you can access it via their website. There are numerous ways a person can clock in: by using a web time clock, by using a web browser, or Android clock app. You can use On-Time Web to create custom reports, it includes in/outboard, you have a schedule and task creators paid leave management etc. Like most time clock software on this list, On-Time Web can be used directly from a browser and you will get a hang off it rather quickly. This means that a user will not have to buy any additional software or to install anything. The customer also gets free training and consulting as well as access to a great customer support service.


The great thing about PrimePay is that it offers various services to its users. You can choose between server-based, desktop-based and online option. With it, you are able to manage time, tasks and teams more efficiently preventing daily panic. PrimePay can be integrated with other systems (such as Online Payroll). Users are protected at all times; tool has disaster recovery and also allows you to track any changes made to the account. Like any other cloud software, it is much easier to store data. It also makes updates and bug fixes automatically. Clients can choose between Basic, Advanced and Pro packs. Of course, features depend on the package you choose. While the Basic plan gives you the basic tracking services, Advanced gives all of that accessible via mobile devices and phones. On top of all that, Pro pack has features such as equipment tracking, insurance tracking, HR document storage, compensation tracking, safety and wellness tracking, and skills tracking. In a way, Pro pack gives you a complete system that will help you manage tasks and employees.


“Simple, efficient and easy” is how Parim describes its product. Whether you’re a big company or a small enterprise, this software will help you with all your time management needs. Anyone can use it. All you have to do is drag and drop to assign shifts to your staff. After that, you can send an email to everyone involved. But there is much more to this tool than that. Parim allows your staff to create their own schedule. You will no longer have to bother with disputes, phone calls going back and forth, as well as confusion. Parim is also great for planning leaves and vacations. The software records the position of every worker with GPS. Lastly, you can also use it for payroll and human resources.

Smart Linx

Smart Linx is a real-time tool providing lots of various options to users. With it, employees can leave lots of data as they clock in such as their current location, the shift they were working in, schedule, as well as certifications. Of course, it also allows for overtime monitoring as managers can use it to track arrivals and departures of team members. Most importantly, Smart Linx is regarded as quite safe. It prevents any potential misuses; individuals will not be able to punch in for other employees. Smart Linx has features allowing you to track time and schedule, it allows employee self-service, it has business analytics, you can use it for budgeting, and is regarded as one of the best tools your HR team will ever have at their disposal.


If you’re looking for an optimal tool for your small-sized business, then Stratustime should be at the top of your list. Like all other time tracking programs, it allows employees to clock in and out when they start working. But, there is a twist – there are 5 different ways to do it. Traditional time clocks use biometric data for verifying identity. They can also be used by team members to schedule their vacations, take a sick leave, check how many working hours they have etc. A mobile-friendly option allows employees to log in and off by using a mobile device. In this case, geofencing is used to determine the position of a person. You are also able to do it by making a phone call, you can set up a “web kiosk” or designated location where employees can log in, and you can also use computers for punching your time. Stratustime has dashboards for both employees and managers which is truly great.


As soon as you open Synel website, you can see several options. Indeed, this tool can be used by enterprises, medium-sized organizations, and small companies. Depending on your size and needs, you can pick just the right plan. While it doesn’t have any limits when it comes to the size of the company it can serve, Synel is optimal for a workforce that moves a lot from site to site. According to them, they are one of the leaders when it comes to data collection systems and workforce solutions. According to us, this tool is definitely worth your time.

TimeClock Plus

Another cloud-based system, TimeClock Plus is much better time clock software for big companies. However, it is still rather simplistic and you can use it almost straight away. A client can opt for several plans including Standard, Express, and Professional. While they have their differences, here are the features you will get with every plan: employees’ status and work hours, automatic punch rounding, clock operations that are web-based, overtime calculations as well as automatic logoff. Like with the previous tool on our list, TimeClock Plus allows you to clock in by using various devices such as laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones and devices, and timeclock. Interesting thing is that TimeClock Plus allows employees to login via a card reader, PIN or with a biometric time clock. Biometric is a really great option which provides maximum security; the only way for a person to clock in is by using a hand scan or a fingerprint. More advanced plans (Standard and Professional) allow employers to track team’s vacations and sick leaves. If you opt for a Professional plan, you will also have a complete time-off system at your disposal.


Having a mobile workforce can be troublesome at times. Keeping in touch with all these individuals is a real hassle so it’s much better to rely on a time clock software to do it for you. Introducing TSheets – one of the best tools for companies with mobile employees. With this software, you are able to clock in by using various mobile devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets etc. You can also log in on Twitter so that manager can track your progress and location. No matter where you’re located, you will have the same options as a person who is in an office. Such flexibility is very important for people who are constantly moving as this is one less thing they have to worry about. With such a system, it is much easier to determine work hours, project progress and to plan vacations and sick leaves. But that is not all. The tool has also some other nifty options such as employee self-service, it can be integrated with various payroll and accounting programs and it rather easy to use. If that wasn’t enough, the company that created TSheets has a rather good customer support. So, if you need something in this tier, TSheets is definitely a good option.


TimeDrop is an app which you can easily download to your computer. At the time of writing this article, the time clock software has the following features: organizing entries, managing leave permissions, and vacations, accounting for salaries in real-time. Employees are able to clock in by using either a computer or a tablet. There is also an option to clock in with a biometric fingerprint scanner. TimeDrop is a one-time purchase and besides the app, you will also get a free demo, free and regular updates, and free phone and email support. There is no limit when it comes to the number of employees you can track. Furthermore, after making the initial purchase, there will be no additional costs or hidden fees. To make things even better, you can connect several computers to work together. All you need is to install TimeDrop app on one of them.


Whether you have a tablet or a smartphone, TimeStation allows you to turn it into a time and attendance platform. TimeStation is rather easy to use; you can clock in within a second and given that its cloud-based, you won’t have to rely on servers or software. It is ideal for both small and medium companies and can significantly reduce your operational costs. Keep in mind that TImeStation works on smartphones and tablets that are running on Apple iOS as well as Google Android. This includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But keep in mind there are more ways than one to use this program. Besides businesses, it is also ideal for schools as it helps you track attendance, and it can be used by various clubs and organizations. Besides its quickness, the tool also provides advanced reporting that will allow managers to calculate salaries and attendance, it has its own employee self-service portal, GPS location, and targeting, it can be used on multiple stations as well as offline.


TimeQplus is advertised as a tool optimal for small and medium companies. It provides lots of flexibility to both management and employees. Needless to say, like most time tracking tools, timeQplus is a great money saver. There are numerous things that make this tool specific. There are various ways to input data. For example, you can use badge terminals, PCs, as well as biometric terminals. You can also mix different systems. Work codes can be used by employees to record time spent on a project. The tool allows you to place several permission levels which will limit access to data. Based on whether you’re an employee, supervisor or administrator, you will get a different access to the system. The time clock software also supports different languages: English, Spanish and French. TimeQplus is rather easy to use and straightforward, however, it does require installation to work.


Are you a small business owner looking to fix things within the company? Then, look no further! Due to the fact that uAttend is cloud-based and doesn’t require any installment, this program is really easy to use. But that’s not all. A great thing about uAttend is that your employees can access it from various devices. Whether its PC, mobile device, telephone or perhaps time clock, your people have the freedom of checking in and out from any place and at any time. As something that is plug-and-play, you wouldn’t expect a big support system. And you would be wrong. The program has a lifetime guarantee and is regarded as one of the cheaper on the market. If you require some additional options, keep in mind that uAttend is also able to track individual projects and tasks, paid leaves and to coordinate throughout the office.


Most time tracking systems are cloud-based. This is an ideal solution for big teams. A great thing about VeriClock is that employees are able to clock in by using various devices such as smartphones, phones, desktop and laptop computers. You don’t need any special software or hardware to use this tool; all you need is to subscribe. VeriClock works in real-time which means that managers are able to view current attendance, manage tasks and also create reports. The manager can also get emails notifying him about employees’ clock ins and clock outs. This helps you track the activity of your staff. Furthermore, the system will also notify you when employees make mistakes; for example when they forget to clock in or out. Like most similar programs, VeriClock is very diligent when it comes to authentication – employees are unable to clock in during off hours thus preventing any misuse.

Wasp Barcode Technologies

If you wish to trace and report accurately and efficiently, then Wasp Barcode Technologies tool is the best buy. Keep in mind that this time clock software is a bit different in comparison to other employee tracking products. It has various features such as inventory control, asset management, package and tracking, time and attendance, barcode software, software upgrades. Employees can clock in by using biometric data, barcode time clocks, RFID and HID. There are various plans to choose from including Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Basically, there is something for everyone. Wasp Barcode tool requires installation to work. There are various industries which can benefit from this platform including agriculture, banking, construction, education, disaster recovery, EMS/Fire rescue, energy, government, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, law enforcement, manufacturing, military, small businesses, warehouse management.

Ximble Time Clock

Developed by Nimble Software Systems, Ximble Time Clock will save up to 40% of your time (according to creators). If you’re not certain, you can take a 14-day free demo which doesn’t even require a credit card. The tool uses PIN codes and QR scanning for authenticating the identity of employees. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a photo clock feature that further corroborates whether or not this is the right person. With it, you can manage requests and shifts without too much hassle and time wasting, plan schedule in advance, you can communicate faster with ximbleChat and lastly, you can check employee availability. Ximble Time Clock is fully customizable and it has a nice dashboard for managers. Together with geofencing, PTO tracking, integration with HR, budgeting and point-of-sale, this tools provides various things that will help you manage staff and scheduling.

Time Clock Software Features You Need to Manage Your Employees


Manage Your Timeclock

View who’s currently working anywhere and at any time to ensure time clock accuracy.

Labor Costs

Make sure you’re not overstepping your budget by viewing daily, weekly, or monthly employee labor wages and adjusting schedules accordingly.

Use Your Own Equipment

No expensive equipment is necessary to get started with Index Time Clock. Use business or personal devices to accomplish regular time clock tasks.

Perfect Payroll

Easily use employee time clock information to generate payroll reports and see where you stand on current, previous and upcoming pay periods.

Practice Punctuality

Use our attendance trackers to check and keep track of employee absences and tardiness.


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