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Index Time Clock has dedicated itself to creating a business timekeeping service that will enrich small and large companies alike.

Our goal is to eliminate road blocks so that you can do your life’s best work and exponentially grow your business. We want to make everyday business tasks like scheduling, time managing and budgeting easy for many reasons. We want to streamline your business’ process by eliminating tasks that tend to tie up your managers or supervisors. By creating an easy to use and easy to view scheduling service, our product allows staff to spend less time planning and more time performing in their field of expertise. Together, we can empower and enable employees by giving them quick access to their schedule and allowing quick communication to managers for important changes.

While promoting productivity and overall efficiency we want to help businesses minimize legal risk and ensure compliance in the workplace.

We are continuously researching business development and communicating with both experts and business owners like yourself to get an all around understanding of the needs of a business to grow.

Try our product today and see how it can help your business. Let us know what we can do to improve and better assist you.

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